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Remembering Christopher Howard


R.I.P Christopher

We are saddened to announce the death from cancer, on September 13th 2020, of Christopher Howard, tree lover and Dendrologist.


Christopher was a long time 'Friend of the Castle Park' and regular speaker at FoCP events, which were always so enjoyed because of his warmth and extensive knowledge of our trees. In typically generous spirit, he gifted his Castle Park Tree Trail to FoCP, who are happy to be able to host it in booklet form on this website (below). Please download and enjoy at your own pace, or with friends, around the different seasons in the park, and think of Christopher as you walk and talk. (The booklet is also available to purchase for a small amount in the Visitors Information Centre in Hollytrees Museum in the park.)


This summer he intended to take part in the Park Rangers Summer Programme for children,  work on the Jane's Walks Orbital 'Trees of Note' project and host a  FoCP walk around Wivenhoe Park. Christopher recently revised his Wivenhoe Park tree trail and we will add details of that soon. 

Anthony Roberts, Director of Colchester Arts Centre and former Chair of Friends of the Castle Park, who has been reciting a poem for public enjoyment every day throughout lockdown and beyond, recently performed 'October' by Robert Frost in the Castle Park, dedicating it to Christopher's memory...

Christopher, you will be greatly missed.

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