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About the Friends

Welcome to Friends of Castle Park


The Friends of Castle Park has been in existence since 2005. Working with the Colchester Borough Council's Park and Recreation team we provide support and assistance to ensure the park continues to be the wonderful place it is, free to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

FoCP has several important roles within the work of the park. We are a major consultative body for the Park management, therefore having important input into long and short term planning and initiatives for change within the park. To support this role we have a regular 'Walk in the Park' to take note of the changing seasons, how the park is faring and notice where changes may be needed. The FoCP were responsible for applying for grant money to restore and move the much loved helter skelter from the old children's play area into the new one.

Another important role is to provide opportunities for community involvement  through our  gardening volunteer groups where members of FoCP can enjoy playing a part in the work of the park. Fundraising activities such as our stall at the summer Food & Drink Festival and our Christmas Wreath making and sale stall play a vital part and are great fun.

As members you have the opportunity to...

Join in on social gatherings, expert led walks and talks on trees, bats, hedgehogs, wildflowers and other related subjects. We have a regular newsletter to let you know what is happening, what the committee are planning with reports and articles.


Your subscription, £10 for family membership £8 for individuals, will help the Friends to contribute to the park in useful ways. In the past this has enabled us to plant trees and provide a memorial bench, publish the Castle Park Tree Trail and provide these trees with information labels. In addition it allows us to maintain a website, advertise park events and take part in the National Heritage Open Days initiative.

Being a Friend gives a unique opportunity to become part of the life of the park, not just a visitor. We aim to have fun, be useful and help make things better. Come and join us, you will be very welcome.


To join us, please go to our Membership page.

About the Park...

Colchester’s distinctive heritage is nowhere more apparent than in Castle Park. A site of national importance, this Victorian Park contains evidence of 2000 years of history and is a landscape moulded by the people of Colchester over many eras.

Castle Park not only encompasses much of Colchester’s rich heritage within its boundaries but is much loved and used as a part of present day life. It boasts over 1 million visitors a year. Providing a green oasis in the town centre, you can sit, walk, enjoy music, play games, or picnic amongst wonderful flowers and trees.

Its horticulture is award-winning and the park has long been a superb venue for the town’s big events. The park itself is designated Grade II on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.

About Us


Our current Executive and Committee members are:

​Chair: David Hibberd (

Treasurer: Geraldine Grundy

Minute Secretary: Bridget Armstrong

Membership Secretary: Diana Hargrave (

Newsletter Co-ordinator: Elizabeth Fitt (

Volunteers Co-ordinator: Sue Vokes 

Ordinary Committee Members:

Stephenie Brock
Marion Murray
Cindy Salmon
Madeline Whitty

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