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Our FoCP Christmas Stall

Saturday 9th December
10.30am to 3.00pm. 

Museum Street Entrance to the Park

Wreaths, sprays, table decorations and much more!

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'Try Out Our Book Box & Book Exchange'

Take a free book from our book box (at Putt in the Park), try it out, photograph it, post it!!

Leave a book in exchange...

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"Looking out for the park we love..."

Our AGM Newsletter 2023 
is now out!

Discover Christopher Howard's
Tree Trail and the Park Oaks...


Tour the park through engagement and learning about its wonderful collection of trees. Download the tree trail from our site or pick up a copy for a small sum at either Hollytrees Visitor Information Centre or the Red Lion Bookshop on the High St.

Colchester Castle Park

Colchester’s distinctive heritage is nowhere more apparent than in Castle Park. A site of national importance, this Victorian Park contains evidence of 2000 years of history and is a landscape moulded by the people of Colchester over many eras.

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